It is with great joy to share this book with you. Peak Season is made up of 101 recipes, guided by the month (not just our 4 seasons) and a love letter to Ontario, the region I grew up in. 
When writing this book, I wanted to make sure that even the most beginner cook could effortlessly make something remarkable out of basic ingredients. It wasn't as much of a challenge as it may seem because the real magic behind a delicious meal is cooking with food that is fresh and, well in peak season.
My hope is now you get to explore local ingredients every month, the way I have in my test kitchen, without feeling intimidated and having a chance to create something special in your own home. And if you do, please share with me what you made! I love seeing your version of my recipe and how much pleasure came out of eating it. You can tag me on Instagram @deeburyk or use #peakseason so I can see and repost your creations. 
Thank you for your love, support and cooking in peak season.
Big hugs,
Deirdre Buryk
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“There is a reason why chefs love to cook vegetables—because of the endless possibilities. Deirdre is an amazing culinary architect and tour guide of the seasons showcasing the very best that Ontario harvests have to offer. Peak Season will shift the way you think about good eating and delicious cooking in the most inspiring and informative way.”
—LYNN CRAWFORD, chef and bestselling author of Farm to Chef

“Deirdre Buryk has written a beautiful love story about true Ontario ingredients from soil to plate. This book will find a welcome place in the home of any cook feeding friends and family, from one season to the next.”
—CARL HEINRICH, chef and co-owner of Richmond Station
“Peak Season will inspire you to eat well, celebrate Ontario’s agricultural abundance, and intimately connect with nature and our growing seasons. With Deirdre as your guide, visit your local farmers’ market and start cooking with fresh ingredients!”
—BRIANA KIM, chef and owner of Alice restaurant

“With Deirdre’s wonderful book we now have all the intel we need to deliciously cook along with the calendar, including seasonal grains, fruits, and vegetables. Within these pages, you’ll learn there’s more to eat from your own Ontario backyard than you ever imagined.”
—AMY ROSEN, journalist and cookbook author
“I fell down the seasonal food rabbit hole and found it filled with farmers, foragers, and crazed cooks. Now, we also have Deirdre Buryk, a guide and fabulous documenter of gorgeous ingredients and recipes drawn from our plush multicultural landscape. Peak Season is a loving guide to Ontario’s bounty, filled with dishes that have me hungry and struggling to decide: outside for ingredients or into the kitchen?”
—BRAD LONG, chef and owner of Cafe Belong

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